Parahell is an acrylic box showcasing parallel worlds. The white figure is looking into the mirror with no knowledge as to the entity behind it. The entity can see him and knows of his presence, can see his every move, but the white figure has absolutely no idea. When the light hits the middle panel in certain ways, the audience can see through the mirror, revealing the entity and the text that says “run” but the reality is that the only ones who knows it’s there is you. When the light is directly hitting the mirror on the white figures side, it is hard to the text due to the reflection. The room is mirrored to further the narrative of a parallel universe. However, the story behind what you see, is entirely up for interpretation. What do you see?

Mental Health Trophy

This trophy is a reminder for myself and others of the journey we took to take control of our mental health. It is important to recognize when you need help and a whole other step to finally get it. There is a negative stigma attached to taking medication to help with your mental health. If you have a headache? Take some pain killers. Just got surgery? Take the opioids prescribed. But for some reason, if you have depression or some other mental illness, taking medication to help is looked down on. No one should ever feel ashamed for taking medication to help them take control of their mental health.